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Joshika, 8 years, from Trichy District her parents, who are daily wage earners, came to know that she has a heart defect. She is breathless and unable to cope with daily routine or go to school. She is diagnosed with Severe Mitral Regurgitation; the treatment advised is Mitral Valve Repair. The Estimated Cost is Rs. 2, 50,000 including surgery, ICU and Hospital stay, post op investigations and medication.

Lakshana aged 10 years, from Kanchipuram District, goes to the local Panchayat School. Her father is a van driver. Lakshana is diagnosed with S/P Balloon Aortic Valvotomy, Bicuspid Aortic valve, Severe Aortic valve Stenosis, Moderate AR, Abnormal Mitral Valve, Concentric LVH. The treatment advised is Aortic Valve repair/replacement + ROSS procedure for correction of the same. The estimated cost is Rs.3, 60,000 including surgery, ICU and hospital stay, Post Op investigations and medications.
Madhumitha, 11 years, studying in 8th std, from Ennore, in North Chennai. She is diagnosed with Tetrology of fallot and treatment advised is Caardiac Cathetarisation and angiography followed by intracardiac repair for correction. The estimated cost is Rs.2, 50,000 including surgery, ICU and hospital stay, Post OP investigations and medications. The treatment should be undertaken without much delay.

Isaiki Sandhya aged 10 years a resident of tiruvottiyur, Chennai. Her father is an auto driver. She is a special child with Down’s Syndrome. But very active and articulate, attends 7th standard in the local Government School. Isaiki is diagnosed with Perimembraneous VSD, Small PDA left to right shunt, Moderate Mitral Regurgitation, LA/LV overload.  The treatment advised is Mitral Valve Repair + VSD Closure + PDA Closure for correction of the same. The Estimate Cost is Rs.2,40,000 including surgery, ICU & Hospital stay, post-op investigation and medication.  

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