CHIME is a charitable trust established by MIOT Hospitals, which began around the time of World Heart Day in the year 2007. CHIME focuses on aiding surgeries, procedures, and treatments for children from lower economic families who are unable to afford necessary medical treatment.

CHIME, in association with the MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care, organizes free camps across various districts and villages in Tamil Nadu. These camps aim to reach people who lack access to treatment or information about their child’s condition. The doctors not only identify these conditions but also provide parents giving them the confidence that the condition is treatable. They reassure families that treatment is possible without financial strain through CHIME.

CHIME stands as a beacon of hope for children from lower-income families in dire need of medical treatment. In countries like India, where healthcare resources are scarce within communities, CHIME’s intervention represents a vital ray of hope. Our commitment to extending support to families unable to afford essential medical care for their children has sparked profound joy and relief, evident in the heart-warming smiles and their families. This ripple of positivity resonates deeply within our mission.

Today, I am honoured to acknowledge the generosity of various well-wishers and philanthropists who support CHIME. Your contributions enable us to fulfil our mission of providing surgeries and essential treatment to these deserving children. Together, we are making a tangible difference in their lives, bringing hope and healing where it is needed most. Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey towards creating a healthier and brighter future for these children.

Mrs. Mallika Mohandas
Chairman, MIOT Hospitals

CHIME expresses gratitude to our generous benefactors whose contributions have transformed this initiative into a reality.

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We rise by lifting others


In 16 years CHIME together with MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care have undertaken more than 1000 free / subsidized heart surgeries for children coming from poor socio-economic status.