If you have any concerns please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us.

What is CHIME and its role in helping needy?

CHIME is a Trust established by MIOT Hospitals as a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY of this Institution to support treatment to children in need suffering from heart disease.

The Pediatric Unit and CHIME also undertakes camps in various districts in order to identify cases of children with heart disease. We also hold free camps for children at MIOT Hospital once a year for a week where anyone can walk in for a free check up at the Pediatric Cardiac Care Unit.

The Pediatric Cardiac Care Unit at MIOT Hospitals is a one of its kind – it not only has state of art facilities, it has a very skilled team of doctors who are very committed to their specialty. The main reason to establish such a unit is to reach out to children, as over 2,00,000 children are identified with congenital heart disease in India every year.

CHIME is a support to children, especially below poverty line, admitted at MIOT Hospitals for specialized surgeries. Most often the children are referred from various Government and private Hospitals as MIOT Hospitals has the expertise, the facility and the support of CHIME.

What has been CHIME’s contribution to society till date?

CHIME has been functioning since 2007. Till Dec, 2012 we have supported/aided around 800 children affected by heart disease. Among these are also children who have other congenital problems such as scoliosis, hair lip and more recently we are doing our best to reach out to children with problems of the kidney and any other life threatening conditions where we can make a difference.

Who Funds CHIME?

CHIME is a ray of hope for these desperately ill children and their families who cannot otherwise afford lifesaving surgeries. CHIME has been funded by YOU – philanthropists, working people, women, students, women’s clubs, NGO’s, organizations, corporate, companies, and little children who have responded to our appeal. And they come from different parts of the country and the world people with compassion, emotions and a heart for children whom they have never seen but making this world a better place for them.

Is CHIME able to generate 100% funds for all cases?

We do our best to raise funds as and when a case is referred to us. It is thanks to CHIME that a number of children who come to the department in cases of emergency get the required help and go home healthy.

We are in the process of building a corpus so that CHIME may be self-sufficient in time to come and also as a buffer for emergency cases where there is no time to raise funds.

How will my donation contribution be utilized – Equally distributed to all patients or spent on Single Patient?

To be more precise, the funds go to the waiting patients and emergency cases.

The reason why we put up appeals in the name of specific patients is to give our donors information about the child whom they wish to support. You could also visit the patient, if you are a high end donor, (this is mainly to restrict visitors and prevent too much exposure of the patient). If the funds received suffice the need and we do have excess, it is added to our corpus.

Can I donate in small amounts at various intervals?

Any contribution will help a child to recover and lead a normal life. Your aid to CHIME goes towards a child’s health, well-being and welfare.

Is there a minimum denomination for donations to CHIME?

CHIME welcomes any amount as donation. We have constant donors who send a small amount of Rs.100/- for every child whom they know is having a surgery. This also means that they specially thought of this little one – a lot of good will goes into every contribution.

How to I make my donations / contributions to CHIME or any child in particular?

We welcome any Donations by Cheque or DD sent to CHIME or to any child in particular who is awaiting surgery care of CHIME mentioning the MR Number. Donations may be sent to our address MIOT Hospitals.

You may send a mail to chime@miothospitals.com along with your postal address, once you have made the transfer so that we may acknowledge receipt and tax exemption certificate without delay.If you wish to send through fund transfer, kindly request your Bankers to transfer your funds to:

For NEFT Transfer

ACCOUNT NO 50100021177331

Does CHIME have a tax exemption?

Yes, CHIME has a tax exemption for donations received under section 80G.

How can I work with CHIME?

  • You may visit/call/mail CHIME on all working days
  • You may respond to appeals in papers which CHIME puts out for children in need of funds.
  • All contributions of any denomination is welcome.
  • You may get a group of friends to donate along with you.
  • You may contact us to conduct a free camp with the help of sponsors in your district or city.

How does CHIME identify the needy Children?

Patients are referred to our hospital for treatment from other hospitals in the state as well as from Government Hospitals based on the facilities at MIOT Hospitals along with the program of CHIME which reduces the burden for the poor and needy population of our country in need of such specialized lifesaving treatment.

MIOT Hospitals holds periodic camps in districts and at the hospital at least twice a year where children can come for a free check up. When the child is identified with heart disease the doctors recommend the treatment and the way forward.

CHIME has also been a boon for children from Africa and Bangladesh when children from these countries sought treatment here.

What are the signs you look for to identify congenital heart disease?

The child is unable to breathe normally, may develop bluish colour on finger tips, incessant crying, constant colds and coughs, listless, tires out frequently, unable to concentrate in studies, poor performance in school, irritable.

Can I meet a patient?

Yes if you are a substantial donor who has supported the child’s surgery you could meet the child after the initial period in the ICU.

Why can’t I meet the family earlier?

As you realize that these are people who are very traumatized with the condition of their child added to the fact that they do not have financial support, sometimes not even aware of the magnitude of what is happening to them. We help them go through the process of the surgery and recuperation of their child with comfort and keeping their confidentiality so that they are not disturbed by too many people meet them.

Can I donate money directly to patients or should I make it to trust’s fund only?

The purpose of CHIME is to collect funds for the patient’s procedure. The package covers all costs from the time of admission, the procedure, tests and investigations during the period, medication, diet and hospital stay.

However if a donor who has donated to CHIME wishes to give a gift of kind or money to a child, he may do so at the time of discharge.

  • One patient received a teddy bear with a donation to CHIME.
  • A donor who had collected money for a baby’s surgery, felt she must give a pair of new clothes for the child to wear when he was getting discharged.

We rise by lifting others


In 10 years CHIME together with MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care have undertaken more than 800 free / subsidized heart surgeries for children coming from poor socio-economic status.